Gregory Cagle, O.D., P.A.

Optometric Physician

Dr. Cagle's Background

1972: Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) from Rowan University of New Jersey.
1973 - 1977: Before entering eyecare, Dr. Cagle was a research assistant in the Cell Repository at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in Camden, New Jersey.
1977: Entered the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.
1979 :Obtained B.S Degree from Pennsylvania College of Optometry.
1980: Externship Fort Dix Optometry Clinic/Walson Army Hospital.
1981: Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennslyvania College of Optometry.
1982: Started Optometric practice in Florida.
1992-Present: Opened private practice in Seffner, Florida.